Welcome To Solution World Limited

Solution World Limited (SWL) is a company providing an array of advanced services and expert technical resources to provide the level of solution support to any business organization which has embraced Information Technology as a tool for competitive advantages. Continuously innovating based on customer needs, we are committed to enhancing customer experiences and creating maximum value for ICT needs.

Leveraging our experience and expertise in the ICT sector, we help bridge the digital divide and promote high-quality digital connectivity for all. As an advocate of socioeconomic sustainability, we make every effort to support secure and stable network operations, and help customers and industries improve efficiency to drive smart growth on ICT sector. We help innovators to maximize their global value in the competitive market.

A better connected world is on the horizon. Working closely with partners, we endeavor to build an efficient and integrated digital logistics system which will enhance interconnectivity and interactivity – to spark infinite opportunities and potential for everyone everywhere and to move the world forward.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value for our customer by helping them to achieve their desired level of quality and safety products, services and business process. We offer complete solution for ICT needs - Providing high quality products and services at a competitive price, coupled with fast delivery and thorough customer follow up is what we strive for in every transaction.

Core Values

We respect fair business practices and maintain the highest standards of information integrity and security. As a responsible corporate citizen, we actively promote the sustainable development of ICT sectors. Our commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers drives everything we do. We ensure the customers to meet the best technology with their capabilities.

We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customers’ success in the global marketplace and, most importantly, we provide our customers with confidence.

Customers First SWL exists to serve customers, whose demands are the driving forces behind our development. We continuously create long-term value for customers by being responsive to their needs and requirements. We measure our work against how much value we bring to customers, because we can only succeed through our customers’ success. Dedication We win customers’ respect and trust primarily through dedication. This includes every effort we make to create value for customers and to improve our capabilities. We value employees' contributions and reward them accordingly. Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement is required for us to become better partners for our customers, improve our company and grow as individuals. This process requires that we actively listen and learn in order to improve. Openness & Initiative Driven by customer needs, we passionately pursue customer-centric innovations in an open manner. We believe that business success is the ultimate measure of the value of any technology, product, solution or process improvement. Integrity Integrity is our most valuable asset. It drives us to behave honestly and keep our promises, ultimately winning our customers’ trust and respect. Teamwork We can only succeed through teamwork. By working closely in both good times and bad, we lay the foundation for successful cross-cultural collaboration, streamlined inter- departmental cooperation and efficient processes.

Our Value Propositions

Resonating with the revolutionary changes taking place in the information industry, SWL continuously innovates to meet customer needs and advance our technological leadership. We focus on building future-proof information pipes, and continuously create value for our customers and society at large. Based on these value propositions, SWL is dedicated to enriching life and improving efficiency through a better connected world. In addition, we strive to be the first choice and best partner for ICT needs and enterprise customers while becoming a brand of choice among consumers.